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Storytelling Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Everyone has a story.

I full-heartedly believe that there is not a boring person in the world. The diversity of stories, richness of experiences, and unique perspective of each person are fascinating.

There are so many ways to tell a story.

You've put so much time into developing your skills. Creation determines the rhythm of your days. Your mission is clear and your goals are set.

And you know you've got to put it all out there somehow for the world to find out what you're all about. You've got to figure out how to use social media.

You know all about liking people's images and throwing a post up, and now you've got to reach more people, get your message, your art, your passion in front of more eyes. You're wondering, "What the heck is this all about," and, "do I need to use Instagram?" or, "What the fuck is a hashtag?"

"Where do I even begin?!"

A story-driven social media strategy is a crucial part of your marketing mix

So you tell your fans about things you've done, things you're doing. You make plans and share those plans.

Your aunt Sarah likes your posts. Some high-school friends reach out to congratulate you. Your best friend shares your posts on her wall.

You add a hashtag or two. Some strangers heart you. Someone writes an encouraging comment, or encourages you to look at their page.

Yup. Somehow, this is just isn't working out.

I know. I'm there too. I never really put myself out there (although it is my job description) until a potential client took a look at my profiles and told me she didn't believe I could make her online presence grow.

So, I am putting myself out there. Putting the methods I use with my clients to use in my own profiles. Let me share the story of how I got here, on this screen in front of you.

I am Cris Meillon, storyteller, explorer, social media solutionist.

As a mostly introverted person, I understand how hard to it is to put yourself out there. I know that finding ways to share your craft in an authentic way can be difficult.

From creating guidelines for your social media presence, to crafting a brand story, there are so many moments where you feel you might have to compromise your ideals.

But you don't have to.

When it comes to staying true to your creative vision and sticking to your mission, I know how to help.

How can I help you?

So, what's my story? How did I end up on your screen?

Hello. Hola. Guten Tag.

Born in Guatemala, raised in Canada, located in Germany, and on my way to life in Mexico. I'm a bit of a nomad, yes. Driven by a deep desire to explore the world, discover new stories, and share the world in a creative and collaborative way, I am a collector of stories.

I became passionate about social media marketing because I love to promote people & projects. My goal is to continue to support creative individuals and teams by helping them find ways to genuinely share their stories.

I am qualified to help

I have spent my life sharpening my writing skills, developing my pedagogical intuition and studying the stories that define our world.

Social media a wonderful place to share your vision. I use storytelling and character archetypes to discover the essence of your brand.

This helps you leverage the power of stories to communicate and form relationships with your audience.

Genuine Stories create strong Strategies

Check out my photography

... just because I love to share my adventures.